13 Mile Seafood Market

227 Water Street, Apalachicola, Florida

We sell the freshest seafood –

and you can taste the difference

We specialize in Apalachicola Bay oysters and shrimp,

and also sell flounder, grouper, crabs, mullet, clams and other seafood.

They're caught by our five shrimp boats and other local fishermen.

We'll sell you a half-pound of steamed shrimp for lunch or 100 pounds for a cookout.

We also smoke our own fish and prepare fantastic homemade seafood dips.

Looking for something special? We can usually get it for you,

from sushi-grade tuna to grouper cheeks.

Need a few thousand pounds of shrimp for your business?

Our five shrimp boats work the Gulf of Mexico from Texas

to Key West, and we have oyster beds in Apalachicola Bay.

In a rush? We pack for travel

and you can place orders by phone.

850 653 1399

Call 850 653 1399

for fresh seafood